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Content Last Revised: 1/4/64


Code of Federal Regulations Pertaining to ESA

Title 29  



Chapter I  

Office of the Secretary of Labor



Part 3  

Contractors and Subcontractors on Public Building or Public Work Financed In Whole or In Part by Loans or Grants from the United States

29 CFR 3.11 - Regulations part of contract.

  • Section Number: 3.11
  • Section Name: Regulations part of contract.

    All contracts made with respect to the construction, prosecution, 
completion, or repair of any public building or public work or building 
or work financed in whole or in part by loans or grants from the United 
States covered by the regulations in this part shall expressly bind the 
contractor or subcontractor to comply with such of the regulations in 
this part as may be applicable. In this regard, see Sec. 5.5(a) of this 
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