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Press Releases: Lines of Business

November 20, 2006

OPM to Conduct Public-Private Competition for Migrating Financial Management and Procurement Systems to a Shared Service Center

Washington, D.C. - The U.S. Office of Personnel Management will conduct a public-private competition to acquire software, integration, hosting and application management services for the agency’s new financial management and procurement systems. The competition will be held according to Financial Management Line-of-Business guidelines and conducted by the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2007.

The competition will result in the selection of a public- or private-sector Shared Service Center (SSC) with a demonstrated experience to leverage Financial Systems Integration Office (FSIO) certified Custom off the Shelf (COTS) technology, expertise and other resources to achieve the best value for OPM and the taxpayer.

The decision to migrate to an SSC is based on OPM’s need to enhance the agency’s ability to generate accurate and timely financial information, facilitate future upgrades and support, and implement recent FSIO certified enhancements.

To this end, OPM and the Bureau of the Public Debt have terminated joint efforts to implement a tailored solution.

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