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Press Releases: Internal Efficiency & Effectiveness

January 30, 2005

OPM Announces Over 115 Million Visits To USAJOBS Web Site In Nearly 18 Months Since Revamp

Washington, DC - U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Director Kay Coles James today announced USAJOBS.OPM.GOV has recorded 115,806,091 visits in the nearly 18 months since the redesign and relaunch of the popular jobs website.

"It’s been nearly 18 months since we launched the redesigned USAJOBS website," Director James said. "The number of users continues to grow and the site remains one of the most popular government sites on the Internet."

Under James’ leadership, OPM has demonstrated its commitment to exceeding the expectations of federal job seekers by continuously improving the USAJOBS website ( As part of President Bush’s Management Agenda e-Government initiative, Recruitment One-Stop, USAJOBS is the premier website tool for finding federal jobs, and is the main source of information on federal occupations.

"Ever since the new and improved USAJOBS website was brought online, job seekers, agency managers, and taxpayers alike have all come out ahead," said Director James. "USAJOBS has made finding a job in the Federal government easier, it has helped managers find qualified applicants for vacant positions, and it has made the government more efficient at managing the federal workforce, resulting in saving taxpayers’ some of their hard-earned money. Since an overwhelming number of qualified Americans are ready to serve their country, the hiring processes inside federal agencies need to keep pace with the public interest - based on the usage of USAJOBS, that interest is quite high."

A key component of USAJOBS’ success has been the attention paid to user feedback. In December the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) revealed OPM’s customer satisfaction score for 2004 was a 76, a significant improvement over the entire federal government's aggregated score of 72.1.

As a testament to its history of continuous improvement and attention to customer satisfaction, usage of USAJOBS continues to grow. Since OPM implemented the enhanced system in August 2003, job seekers have created over one million new online resumes. Recent polls by Nielsen have ranked USAJOBS as one of the most popular career sites on the Internet.

Since introducing the new USAJOBS technology, OPM has implemented numerous site enhancements including design upgrades, improved search options, innovative spell checking tools, streamlined job announcement templates, and prime publicity for key governmentwide recruitment efforts to support our homeland defense.