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January 30, 2004

OPM and DoD: USAJOBS Web Site Tapped for Promoting Critical Vacancies for Iraq and Afghanistan Reconstruction Efforts

Director Kay Coles James Announces Efforts to Advance Bush Administration Recruiting Public Servants through DoD Collaboration

OPM to send targeted emails to 136,000 interested, registered USAJOBS users

WASHINGTON D.C. - The powerful OPM USAJOBS web site has been tapped to assist with efforts to recruit Americans interested in serving their Nation in reconstruction efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Director Kay Coles James announced today that OPM has entered into a collaboration with the Department of Defense through their recruitment web sites, USAJOBS and SOFIA (Support our Friends in Iraq and Afghanistan) respectively, to recruit more Americans to serve their country as public servants in Iraq and Afghanistan.

James said, "For Americans who have heard the call of public service, this partnership provides opportunities to serve their nation overseas in support of the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan as they develop their democracies."

The USAJOBS/SOFIA linkage, designed to leverage the recruiting powers of both web sites to fill critical vacancies in Iraq and Afghanistan, will become immediately active with a prominent SOFIA link being placed on the USAJOBS web site. The USAJOBS site has reported over 31 million users since its revamp in August and over 3.8 million visits logged by job seekers in the first days of 2004. The link will connect job seekers from to SOFIA, the DoD web site established in 2003 to hire exceptional temporary federal employees to work for the Coalition Provisional Authority to assist in the rebuilding of the two developing nations.

"The pool of applicants and job seekers continues to swell at the USAJOBS web site," said James. "The linkage of USAJOBS and SOFIA is a tremendous resource for promoting important federal hiring needs since is so popular with job seekers. We will continue to revise and revamp the site based on user feedback on potential improvement."

Job skills being sought through the partnership are numerous, running the gamut from civil engineering, banking, agriculture, education, communications and security.

Individuals will be hired by the department through the U.S. Army, which is the executive agent, for a 12-month period with the option to extend. Applicants do not have to be current or past federal employees.

Prospective applicants must be willing to live under field conditions. Foreign language aptitude and prior military experience are helpful, but are not required. For more information on these and other federal employment opportunities, go to The web site will be active Monday.

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