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Workplace Violence Workplace Violence
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  • Workplace Violence. OSHA. Contains links to a variety of training and reference materials, including presentations, publications, and handouts.
  • Developing a Violence Prevention Program. Oregon OSHA Online Course 120. Provides recommendations for quickly assessing the state of an organization‚Äôs current policies and practices and on steps to consider in developing a Workplace Violence Prevention Program (WVPP) to reduce the hazards of workplace violence.
  • Institutionalized Violence. University of Minnesota (UM), Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, Center on Women and Public Policy, (2001). Allows for discussion of sexual harassment as an occupational health and safety issue and supports exploration of employer liability for harassment committed by developmentally disabled adults in care. Includes an abstract, case study, epilogue and teaching notes.

Other Resources

  • Tri-national Conference on Violence as a Workplace Risk. US Department of Labor (DOL), North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation (NAALC), (2001, November 29-30). Raises awareness of the issue of psychological and physical violence in North American workplaces, and provides practical solutions by sharing information, highlighting best practices, and identifying successful methods of prevention.

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