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June 10, 2003

President’s Initiatives Recognized for Being Pioneers in E-Government

Five initiatives to take home awards at 2003 Conference

Washington, D.C. - Five of the President’s E-Gov initiatives will be recognized today for their exemplary achievements in E-Government at the 2003 Conference and Exposition., E-Rulemaking, and E-Vital were selected as E-Gov 2003 ”Pioneers,“ and and were chosen as ”Explorers“ in E-Gov by the Government Solutions Center Selection Committee. The five initiatives were selected from hundreds of nominees from all levels of government and from international programs for their focus on enhancing and improving E-Government, one of the five items on the President’s Management Agenda.

”Millions of citizens are getting better services faster and easier because President Bush pushed his E-Gov agenda, and that’s the real reward. Still, we have much work to do in continuing to make the Government citizen-centered through better use of technology,“ said Mark Forman, Administrator of E-Gov and IT for the Office of Management and Budget. provides on-line access to all 417 known federal benefit programs, representing more than $2 trillion in benefit dollars. receives more than 300,000 hits a month and is listed as one of USA Today’s ”Hot Sites.“


Estimated to save $94 million over three years, makes it quicker and easier for citizens and small businesses to search and comment on hundreds of proposed rules and to participate in the federal rulemaking process via the web.


Reduces the cost and time it takes to verify birth and death information. E-Vital simplifies the delivery of services to citizens by streamlining and automating the reporting of deaths and the exchange of vital records information between state and federal agencies. By reducing erroneous payments and the opportunity for fraud, E-Vital will save roughly $52 million a year.

Provides federal, state, and local emergency managers on-line access to disaster management-related information, planning, and response tools. In the seven months it has been active, has registered almost 7,000 accounts from 40 states and four countries and has been used in 29 instances during actual emergencies.

Considered the No. 1 most visited on-line training center in the world, has had more than 36 million hits on over 2,000 e-training courses, e-books, and career development resources. Since its inception almost a year ago, more than 50,000 federal employees have used the site at a cost of pennies per course.

The Pioneer and Explorer Awards will be presented today, and the winners will showcase their award-winning programs at the E-Gov 2003 Exposition, June 11-12, at the new Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

As an integral part of the President’s Management Agenda, the E-Gov initiatives make it easier for citizens and businesses to interact with the government, save taxpayer dollars, and streamline citizen-to-government transactions. For more information on each of the President’s E-Government initiatives, please visit or contact OMB Communications at 202-395-7254.

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