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Respiratory Protection Safety and Health Topics
Respirator Change-out Schedules (continued)

Decision Logic
  • The following pages present a seven page logic diagram for the development of a respirator cartridge change schedule. The diagram [288 KB PDF] starts and then continues to various other sections. To jump to the next page, choose the link to the correct connector.
  • These pages are best viewed using a screen setting of 800 x 600 pixels. In Microsoft Windows 95 or higher, this can be accomplished by changing the settings in the Display option of Control Panel. 
  • If you want to print the diagrams, you may have a problem with Flow Charts 2, 3, and 4 printing wider than a standard page. You can probably overcome this problem by:
    • setting the margins in page setup to minimum values (0.25 inch or less), or
    • by printing in landscape mode.

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  Respirator Change-out Schedules
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  Decision Logic
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