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OSHA Requirements for Change Schedules

The following is a synopsis of the some of the requirements of the new standard.
  • Employers to develop cartridge/canister change schedules based on available data or information. Such information includes the exposure assessment and information based on breakthrough test data, mathematically based estimates, and/or reliable use recommendations from the employer's respirator and/or chemical suppliers.

  • Reliance on odor thresholds and other warning properties will not be permitted as the primary basis for determining the service life of gas and vapor cartridges and canisters.

  • OSHA emphasizes that a conservative approach is recommended when evaluating service life testing data. Temperature, humidity, air flow through the filter, the work rate, and the presence of other potential interfering chemicals in the workplace all can have a serious effect on the service life of an air-purifying cartridge or canister.

The standard requirements for Change Schedules are found in:
1910.134(d)(3)(iii)(B)(2)     arrow

For OSHA enforcement policy and guidance, see the OSHA Instruction.

For additional background material, see the Preamble.
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