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Wage and Hour Division (WHD)

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Wage and Hour Division - To promote and achieve compliance with labor standards to protect and enhance the welfare of the nation's workforce.

Wage and Hour Division Organization Chart

Alexander J. Passantino Acting Administrator, Alex Passantino; 
Deputy Administrator of Operations, Russell Harris;  
Deputy Administrator of Enforcement, Jack McKeon;

Division  of Performance, Budget and Departmental Liaison, 
Director Libby Hendrix,
Deputy Director Mickael Kravitz;
Division  of Management and Technology, Director Kebo Mendley;
Division  of Wage Determination, Director Shirley Ebbesen;

Five Regional Administrators;

Division  of Administration, Director Sue Blumenthal;

Division  of Enforcement Policy, Director Michael Ginley;
Deputy Director Bonny Crosby;

Division  of Interpretations and Regulatory Affairs, Director Richard Brennan;

Chief of Staff, Vacant;
Senior Advisor, Todd Dupler;
Special Assistant, Thomas Foster Haseldon;
Senior Advisor, David Prather.


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