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FY 2008 Information Quality Correction Requests      

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Identification Number: 1-08

Title: Current Employment Statistics

Agency Receiving Correction Request: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Date Received: October 2, 2007

Information Quality Correction Request: Bombardier Aerospace requested review and correction to three Average Hourly (AHE) series, specifically: search, detection, and navigation equipment manufacturing (NAICS 334511); aircraft engine and engine parts manufacturing (NAICS 336413), because the series hae exhibited volatility a nd rapid growth in the AHE in recent years.


I would like to note that two of these three series--NAICS 334511 and NAICS 336412--are slated for discontinuation in February 2008. This is not as a result of your letter, but as a result of a routine annual review process that the CES program conducts for sample adequacy and respondent confidentiality protection. Both of these series now fail the test for respondent confidentiality protection, meaning that the sample is now too heavily dominated by a few firms to allow BLS to be certain that it can honor its pledge to survey respondents that the data they supply will not be identifiable in published estimates. As of February 1, 2008, BLS will stop publishing these series and will remove them from its public databases. The series will not be available as unpublished data. BLS will continue publishing AHE for NAICS 33413. [Full text of response]

This request was closed on December 4, 2007.

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