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Heavy Duty ---- (75.1908(a))

  1. Equipment that cuts or moves rock or coal;
  2. Equipment that performs drilling or bolting;
  3. Equipment that moves longwall components;
  4. Self-propelled diesel fuel transportation units and self-propelled lube units;
  5. Machines used to transport diesel fuel transportation units or portable lube units.

Light Duty ---- (75.1908(b))

  • Any diesel-powered equipment that does not meet the criteria of heavy duty.

Permissible ---- Equipment approved under part 36

NRITL---- Nationally Recognized Independent Testing Laboratory

Portable Fire Extinguisher

  • Multipurpose dry chemical with a 10A:60B:C rating, listed or approved by a nationally recognized independent testing laboratory.

Attended for Diesel Regulations

75.1916(e) - "Diesel-powered equipment shall not be operated unattended."

"Attended" means:

  1. Any machine or device operated by a miner.
  2. Any machine or device mounted in the direct line of sight and within 500 feet of a job site occupied by a miner.

When located in Primary Escapeway "Attended" means:

  1. The equipment operator will be on the mobile equipment or immediately adjacent to the equipment and be capable of activating the fire suppression system in the event of a fire.


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