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DOL Procurement Executive

Al Stewart
Director, Business Operations Center
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management
200 Constitution Avenue, NW, Room S1524
Washington, D.C. 20210
Telephone: 202-693-4028, Fax: 202-693-4019

Responsibilities and Duties

In accordance with the Department of Labor Acquisition (DOL) Regulation and DOL Manual Series 2, Chapter 830 at section 833, the Procurement Executive or designee is responsible for the following:

  • Monitoring DOL agency acquisition functions, except the Office of Inspector General, to determine their effectiveness and adherence to Federal and DOL requirements;
  • Prescribing policies, procedures and standards regarding the solicitation, award and administration of DOL acquisition or assistance instruments, and for promoting DOL programs and objectives through financial assistance;
  • Providing guidance and technical assistance to agencies to assure that appropriate acquisition procedures are being used, and for conducting studies and reviews as may be necessary to accomplish that purpose;
  • Ensuring the existence of Information Resource Management certifications which attest that the proposed acquisition is compliant with the Federal Information Resources Management Regulations, Federal Acquisition Regulation, Office of Management and Budget Circulars, and other Federal statutes and regulations;
  • Redelegating the General Services Administration's exclusive procurement authority for Federal Information Processing resources to appropriate acquisition or assistance officials; and
  • Serving as Executive Director of the Procurement Review Board.


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