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DOL 2007 FAIR Act Status Codes and Reason Codes

In addition to determining whether an activity is commercial or inherently governmental, agencies must also assign a "Reason Code" to the FTEs that are classified as commercial.

Status Code



Inherently Governmental Function


Commercial Activity


Reason Code



The Commercial Activity is not appropriate for private sector performance pursuant to a written determination by the CSO.


The Commercial Activity is suitable for a streamlined or standard competition.


The Commercial Activity is the subject of an in-progress streamlined or standard competition.


The Commercial Activity is performed by government personnel as the result of a standard or streamlined competition (or a cost comparison, streamlined cost comparison, or direct conversion) within the past five years.


The Commercial Activity is pending an agency approved restructuring decision (e.g., closure realignment).


The Commercial Activity is performed  by government personnel due to a statutory prohibition against private sector performance.

2007 Fair Act Inventory of
Commercial Activities

Status and Reason Codes Definitions

2007 Inherently Governmental Activities Inventory

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