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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP)

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OWCP Administers disability compensation programs that provide benefits for certain workers or dependants who experience work-related injury or illness.
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Division of Federal Employees' Compensation (DFEC)

Federal Employees' Compensation Act

Public Law 103-3
Enacted February 5, 1993

§8101: Definitions

§8102: Compensation for disability or death of employee

§8103: Medical services and initial medical and other benefits

§8104: Vocational rehabilitation

§8105: Total disability

§8106: Partial disability

§8107: Compensation schedule

§8108: Reduction of compensation for subsequent injury to same member

§8109: Beneficiaries of awards unpaid at death; order of precedence

§8110: Augmented compensation for dependents

§8111: Additional compensation for services of attendants or vocational rehabilitation

§8112: Maximum and minimum monthly payments

§8113: Increase or decrease of basic compensation

§8114: Computation of pay

§8115: Determination of wage-earning capacity

§8116: Limitations on right to receive compensation

§8117: Time of accrual of right

§8118: Continuation of pay; election to use annual or sick leave

§8119: Notice of injury or death

§8120: Report of injury


§8122: Time for making claim

§8123: Physical examinations

§8124: Findings and award; hearings

§8125: Misbehavior at proceedings

§8126: Subpeonas; oaths; examination of witnesses

§8127: Representation; attorneys' fees

§8128: Review of award

§8129: Recovery of overpayments

§8130: Assignment of claim

§8131: Subrogation of the United States

§8132: Adjustment after recovery from a third person

§8133: Compensation in case of death

§8134: Funeral expenses; transportation of body

§8135: Lump-sum payment

§8136: Initial payments outside the United States

§8137: Compensation for noncitizens and nonresidents

§8138: Minimum limit modification for noncitizens and aliens

§8139: Employees of the District of Columbiaor death

§8140: Members of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps

§8141:Civil Air Patrol volunteers

§8142: Peace Corps volunteers

§8143: Job Corps enrollees; volunteers in service to America



§8146: Administration for the Canal Zone and The Alaska Railroad

§8147: Employees' Compensation Fund

§8148: Forfeiture of benefits by convicted felons

§8149: Regulations

§8150: Effect on other statutes

§8151: Civil service retention rights

§8152: Annual Report

§8171: Compensation for work injuries; generally

§8172: Employees not citizens or residents of the United States

§8173: Liability under this subchapter exclusive

§8191: Determination of eligibility

§8192: Benefits

§8193: Administration


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