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 Welcome to the Agency Quarterly Report Application

ChargeBack (CA-1/CA-2, CA-7) Query Tool

Welcome to the Agency Quarterly Report Application

This Web page offers Employing Agency performance information for the timely submission of CA-1/CA-2 and CA-7 forms.

First, select either the CA-1/CA-2 or the CA-7 button below. Then identify your preferred chargeback code(s). Please follow these guidelines:

Single chargeback code: Enter the four digits of the chargeback code (e.g. 1234).

Multiple non-sequential chargeback codes: Enter the four digit codes, each separated by a comma but no space (e.g. 1234,2345,3456).

Sequential range of chargeback codes: Enter the lowest and highest four digit codes, separated by a hyphen (e.g. 4567-4999).

Combination: Enter both as described above (e.g. 1234,2345,3456,4567-4999).

Check timely submission

Enter your chargeback code(s) of interest here, then click on "Submit" :


If you do not recall the needed chargeback code(s), use this link to search.


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