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Executive Order 13360 Strategy

U.S. Department of Labor's Strategy for
Implementing the Service Disabled Veterans Executive Order
(Executive Order 13360)

Designated Senior-level Official:
The Department of Labor's designated senior official to implement Executive Order 13360 is as follows:

Charles Cicolella
Assistant Secretary for
Veterans' Employment and Training Service
200 Constitution Avenue, NW, Ste. S-1313
Washington, DC 20210
Telephone: (202) 693-4700

Agency Strategy:

The Department of Labor's (DOL) strategies will attain the service disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB) goal of three percent. The DOL strategy is comprised of six elements specified in Executive Order 13360

1. Reserve certain agency contracts exclusively for service-disabled veteran businesses:

  • Establish at least a 3 percent SDVOSB goal for the Department of Labor and for each of its component agencies.
  • DOL will require DOL contracting officers to consider every requirement (including GSA Federal Supply Schedules and other Government-wide Acquisition Contracts) for performance by potential SDVOSB sources.
  • DOL's Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) will monitor goal attainment via the Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation quarterly and inform responsible parties directly and other constituents via the DOL Web site.
  • DOL's Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) will provide quarterly progress reports to each DOL agency head on their agency's progress toward meeting its SDVOSB goal.

2. Encourage and facilitate participation by service-disabled veteran business in competitions for award of your agency's contracts

  • OSBP will publish a directory of SDVOSBs interested in doing business with DOL for distribution to contracting officers and agency project managers.
  • OSBP will convey the highlights of the SDVOSB initiative to all DOL staff to ensure support.
  • OSBP will require at least one SDVOSB to be solicited in competitive acquisitions not reserved for SDVOSBs.

3. Encourage agency's contractors to subcontract with service-disabled, veteran businesses and actively monitor and evaluate agency's contractors' efforts to do so:

  • DOL will set a minimum three percent SDVOSB subcontracting goal in all new contracts with subcontracting plans.
  • DOL contracting officers will use past performance for subcontracting with SDVOSB as a significant evaluation factor in requests for proposals.
  • OSBP will monitor and report to contracting officers on prime contractors' performance against their SDVOSB subcontracting goals.

4. Train agency personnel on applicable law and policies relating to participation of service-disabled veteran businesses in Federal contracting:

  • The Chief Acquisition Officer (CAO) will include guidance and training on Public Law 108-183 and Executive Order 13360 in DOL's Annual Acquisition Conference.
  • The CAO will require all acquisition personnel to complete the Defense Acquisition University's new SDVOSB module.

5. Disseminate information to service-disabled veteran businesses that would assist businesses in participating in awards of the agency's contracts:

  • OSBP will emphasize SDVOSB participation in all outreach events.
  • OSBP will link its web page to the Department of Veterans Affairs' Center for Veterans' Enterprise
  • DOL will be represented by the Veterans' Employment and Training Service and OSBP on the "Executive Order Panel" during the SDVOSB National Conference, June 2005.

6. Description of actions taken and to be taken to meet your agency's additional duties identified in the Executive Order.

  • DOL's Veterans' Employment and Training Services will update their Disabled Transition Assistance Program (DTAP) curriculum with a module on entrepreneurship. The training module will include segments on resources for starting a business and techniques for doing business with the government.

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