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Respirator Users

Almost all elements of the respiratory protection program affect respirator users and their knowledge of the principles of respiratory protection is integral to an effective program. Elements that have a more direct impact on the user include knowledge of selection criteria, medical evaluations, procedures for proper use, fit-testing, and maintenance procedures. Proper selection and, if appropriate, fit testing of tight fitting facepieces will assure that the respirator will provide adequate protection against the contaminants that affect use. Medical evaluations are necessary to determine whether the user is fit to wear a respirator without adverse health effects. Training on procedures for proper use and maintenance will assure the wearer that the wearer is using the respirator in a safe and healthful manner.

1910.134(d) Selection of Respirators.

1910.134(e) Medical Evaluation.

1910.134(f) Fit-testing.

1910.134(g) Use of Respirators.

1910.134(h) Maintenance and Care of Respirators.

1910.134(i) Breathing Air Quality and Use.

1910.134(k)Training and Information.

1910.134 Appendix B-1 User Seal Check Procedures (Mandatory).

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