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Scope and Application (Who Has to Use Respirators)
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Scope and Application
(Who Has to Use Respirators)

The OSHA respirator standard, 29 CFR 1910.134 applies to all occupational airborne exposures to contaminated air where the employee is:
  1. Exposed to a hazardous level of an airborne contaminant; or
  2. Required by the employer to wear respirators; or
  3. Permitted to wear respirators.
Four major duties are imposed by each of these standards. These duties are:
  • Use engineering controls where feasible to control the hazard;
  • Provide an appropriate respirator;
  • Ensure the use of an appropriate respirator; and
  • Institute a respiratory protection program that complies with the rest of the standard.
1910.134(a) Permissible Practice.
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