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What is GILS?

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The Government Information Locator Service (GILS) is an electronic index card identifying public information resources within the federal government. Each GILS record describes a component of information available in the government, lists attributes of the information and describes how to obtain the information. GILS is decentralized and is available on the internet. Most government agencies are making use of the internet to direct users to relevant information resources which are electronically accessible.


The Department of Labor has added the GILS to its home page to aid you in using GILS to find DOL information.

The Department has implemented the GILS on its WWW service utilizing the Department of Defense (DOD) input form, associated support software and documents. Agencies within the Department of Labor create GILS records using the input form. Initially, GILS records will reference the Department’s information dissemination products and major information systems. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) maintains GILS records through the Government Printing Office Home Page for all of the Department’s Privacy Act Systems of Records.

Future Plans

The Department plans to look to GILS as the source for future maintenance of the Department’s records management inventory requirements. GILS will also reference all departmental information which will be available through the Internet and both regulatory and non-regulatory content will increase. Other tools will be added to facilitate use of the information by businesses that are subject to DOL regulations, by the general public and by DOL employees.

ACCESS TO OTHER GILS SITES — Including GPO (Privacy Act Records)

For quick electronic access to other government sites and GILS records see the GILS home page at on the World Wide Web; access GILS through the Government Printing Office at; or, use the Commerce Department's National Technical Information Service (NTIS) FedWorld Information Network at

Access to GILS could be made either directly through the Internet or through an intermediary such as one of the 1,400 federal depository libraries. To find out how to get access to GILS through depository libraries — call (202) 512-1530 or send e-mail to You can get access to a number of agency GILS (and search across all those that have provided links) through GPO ACCESS — by telnet, login as guest; or dial-in through modem (settings 8,N,1) to (202) 512-1661, type swais, login as guest.

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