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Flexible Schedules

A flexible work schedule is an alternative to the traditional 9 to 5, 40-hour work week. It allows employees to vary their arrival and/or departure times. Under some policies, employees must work a prescribed number of hours a pay period and be present during a daily "core time." The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not address flexible work schedules. Alternative work arrangements such as flexible work schedules are a matter of agreement between the employer and the employee (or the employee's representative). The Department of Labor has conducted numerous surveys and published articles and reports on the subject.

DOL Web Pages on This Topic

"When Can an Employee’s Scheduled Hours of Work Be Changed?"
Information about work hours from the elaws FLSA Advisor.

Index of Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Reports on Workers on Flexible and Shift Schedules
A report from BLS on the trend towards flexible work schedules.

BLS' Monthly Labor Review Online (MLR) article stating that from 1991 to 1997, the percentage of full-time wage and salary workers with flexible work schedules on their principal job increased from 15.1 percent to 27.6 percent.

MLR Article: "Over One Quarter of Full-time Workers Have Flexible Schedules"
More information on flexible schedules.

MLR Article: "Flexible Work Schedules: What Are We Trading Off to Get Them?"
More information on flexible schedules.

MLR Article: "Executives most likely to have flexible work hours"
More information on flexible schedules.

MLR Article: "Flexible Schedules and Shift Work: Replacing the '9-To-5' Workday?"
More information on flexible schedules.

MLR Article: "Incidence of Flexible Work Schedules Increases"
More information on flexible schedules.

MLR Article: "Workers with Longer Workweeks Often Earn More Per Hour"
More information on flexible schedules.

Coverage Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Fact Sheet
General information about who is covered by the FLSA.

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