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Emergency Management Center



Advisory System


EMC sealThe Emergency Management Center (EMC) is responsible for implementing the Department of Labor's (DOL) emergency management programs.  The EMC ensures that the Department is prepared to respond to and continue operating during the full spectrum of consequences arising from both natural and man-made disasters.

The EMC establishes the National Office (NO) operational framework and the infrastructure necessary for the Department to manage and fulfill interagency responsibilities under the National Response Framework (NRF).

During emergencies, the EMC activates and manages the DOL Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for the purpose of acting as an information conduit for organizations both internal and external to the Department.  The EMC also performs risk management and internal accountability of personnel.  The EMC coordinates the continued performance of DOL essential functions, and maintains security of Departmental information, and physical and cyber assets.

Essential Functions

  • To coordinate emergency preparation and response for DOL
  • To coordinate DOL's continuity programs
  • To maintain situational awareness and communications with internal and external organizations

EMC Organization Chart



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