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Human Resources Center

A. Mission:

To provide leadership, guidance, and technical expertise in all areas related to management of the Department's human resources, including recruitment and development of staff, management of personnel systems, and leadership in labor management partnership. Provides services to Department of Labor employees to improve and support work and family life, and direct human resource support and services for OASAM and OASAM client Agencies.

B. Functions:

  1. Assists managers in attracting, developing, and retaining a highly qualified and diverse workforce. Provides recruitment programs and initiatives, orientation for entering employees, and career counseling and progression services and programs.

  2. Develops human resource programs and provides Departmental leadership and direct client services for staffing, classification, performance management, and pay administration.

  3. Assists DOL managers in executive management and provides advisory services related to organizational design.

  4. Performs related program analysis and evaluation and manages supporting automated systems.

  5. Represents the Department to the Office of Personnel Management and the Merit Systems Protection Board in matters related to human resource issues and related responsibilities.

  6. Provides leadership and expert assistance in Departmental employee relations and labor management relations matters. Administers DOL's collective bargaining agreements, provides policy and technical guidance regarding employee and labor relations issues. Represents the Department of Labor in negotiations and proceedings before various third parties.

  7. Provides leadership in the development of family and work life programs and initiatives.

  8. Provides Departmental guidance and technical assistance in matters related to employee benefits and direct benefits counseling and services for employees of OASAM and client Agencies.

  9. Produces the Department's internal communication media, including Labor Exchange and OASAM Newsletter, and disseminates human resource management regulations and program information through paper and electronic media, e.g., LaborNet.

  10. Promotes the Department's efforts to enhance customer service, streamline organizations, and reduce costs, monitors the DOL Agencies' progress on reinvention initiatives.

  11. Provide facilities and related support services for use in training, meetings, and conferences.

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