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Employment Standards Administration (ESA)

Employment Standards Administration - The mission of the Employment Standards Administration is enhand the welfare and protect the rights of America's workers

ESA Key Personnel and Phone Numbers

Victoria Lipnic
Assistant Secretary
(202) 693-0200

Dixon Mark Wilson
Deputy Assistant Secretary
(202) 693-0200

John R. Correll
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Operations
(202) 693-0200

Equal Employment Opportunity Unit
Pamela Gibbs, Director
(202) 693-0024

Division of Legislative & Regulatory Analysis
Priscilla Johnson, Director
(202) 693-0022

Submitting an Information Quality Correction Request
Data Quality Group
U.S. Department of Labor
Employment Standards Administration
200 Constitution Avenue, NW
Room C-3201
Washington, DC 20210

Wage and Hour Division
Alex Passantino
Acting Administrator
(202) 693-0051

Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
Charles E. James, Sr.
Deputy Assistant Secretary
(202) 693-0101

Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
Shelby Hallmark
Deputy Assistant Secretary
(202) 693-0031

Office of Labor-Management Standards
Don Todd
Deputy Assistant Secretary
(202) 693-0122

Office of Management, Administration and Planning
Anne Baird-Bridges
(202) 693-0001



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