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Teen "Self Medication" for Depression Leads to More Serious Mental Illness, New Report Reveals
Millions of American teens report experiencing weeks of hopelessness and loss of interest in normal daily activities and many of these depressed teens are using marijuana and other drugs, making their situation worse, according to a new White House report released today. The report, from ONDCP, reveals that marijuana use can worsen depression and lead to more serious mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, anxiety, and even suicide.

New Community "Strategizer" on Prescription Drugs
This week, ONDCP extends its new effort to educate parents about the risks of teen prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse with national ads in newspapers and magazines across the country.

ONDCP Launches First Major Initiative to Combat Teen Prescription Drug Abuse
This national public awareness campaign will begin with advertising during this year’s Super Bowl, and is ONDCP’s first paid TV advertising targeting parents in nearly two years.

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Pathways to Prevention: A Prevention Guide for Youth Leaders in Faith Communities (PDF)
Navigating the Teen Years: A Parent's Handbook for Raising Healthy Teens (PDF)

Campaign Overview
The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign is a multi-dimensional effort to educate and empower youth to reject illicit drugs. The campaign uses a variety of media to reach parents and youth, including TV ads, educational materials, Web sites, and publications. The Campaign's messages reach Americans wherever they live, work, learn, and play.
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January 24, 2008
ONDCP Launches First Major Initiative to Combat Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

September 24, 2007
New Hispanic Youth Drug Use Data Released; Hispanic 8th Graders Outpace Peers in Illicit Drug Use

September 13, 2007
Anti-Meth Campaign Launches in Washington State
September 6, 2007
Youth Drug Use at a Five Year Low, New Survey Shows

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Last Updated: May 9, 2008

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