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Central Contractor Registration

Please note that the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) registration is now required for all vendors doing business with the federal government with the following exceptions:

  • Purchase orders and contracts awarded by September 30, 2003 (However, any such purchase order or contract with a period of performance that extends beyond December 31, 2003 will have contract language modified into it that will require the contractor to be registered in the CCR database by December 31, 2003);
  • Purchases at or under $2,500.00 that either:
    • Are made using a government-wide commercial purchase card; or
    • Are not paid using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) (for example, a purchase at or under $2,500.00 that is paid with a convenience check);
  • Awards made to foreign vendors for work outside the United States, if it is impracticable to obtain CCR registration;
  • Other exceptions listed in FAR 4.1102(a) .

Please note that assignees of claims must be separately registered in the CCR database (per FAR 4.1102(c)(3)), in addition to vendors described above. For more details on the CCR registration requirement, see the final rule on CCR registration published in the Federal Register on October 1, 2003 .

CCR registration can be done online or by calling 888-227-2423.

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