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Glossary Disclaimer

The Health Benefits Advisor is designed to help workers and their families better understand employer and employee organization (such as a union) provided group health benefits and the laws that govern them, especially when they experience changes in their life and work situations--such as marriage, childbirth, job loss or retirement. The Advisor may assist employers in understanding their responsibilities under the applicable laws. The Advisor, however, does not provide information on a user’s specific plan. Rather, the guidance provided is general in nature and users are encouraged to review their specific health plan or health plan options in conjunction with the general information provided by this Advisor.

The Advisor concentrates primarily on the rights and options of individuals with respect to a group health plan offered by a private sector employer, a union or both.

The Advisor does not address health benefits offered through federal, state or local government plans or church plans.

For various reasons, individuals may be either uninsured or have coverage that is not through a group health plan. The Advisor explains the rights of individuals to enroll in a group health plan when certain work or life events occur, regardless of the plan's enrollment dates. The Advisor also explains the rights of workers to continue group health plan coverage temporarily, when certain work or life events might otherwise cause that coverage to end.

This Advisor was developed by the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA). The link to the Glossary above provides the specific definitions of commonly used terms.

The Department of Labor has also developed other elaws Advisors to help employees and employers understand their rights and responsibilities under numerous federal employment laws. Each Advisor includes links to more detailed information that may help the user, such as links to regulatory text, publications and other organizations.


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