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Welcome to the OSHA Lead in Construction Advisor

OSHA developed this interactive expert system to help construction employers, whose workers may be exposed to lead, understand and comply with OSHA's regulations regarding occupational exposure to lead. OSHA appreciates the comments and suggestions it received from trade associations, labor organizations and the general public during the development of this tool.

The OSHA Lead in Construction Advisor provides guidance only. It does not replace the official rule (29 CFR, Part 1926.62).

The sole purpose of this system is to provide information about OSHA's rule addressing occupational exposure to lead in the construction industry.

The Department of Labor developed the elaws Advisors to help employees and employers understand their rights and responsibilities under numerous Federal employment laws. Each Advisor includes links to more detailed information that may be useful to the user, such as links to regulatory text, publications and organizations.

Use of this system does not result in any report or record to the government.



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