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Indoor Air Quality Safety and Health Topics
Indoor Air Quality

In Focus
Concerns about indoor air quality (IAQ) increased when energy conservation measures instituted in office buildings during the 1970s, minimized the introduction of outside air and contributed to the buildup of indoor air contaminants. IAQ generally refers to the quality of the air in an office environment. Other terms related to IAQ include indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and "sick building syndrome" (SBS).

Complaints about IAQ range from simple complaints, such as the air smelling odd, to more complex, where the air quality causes illness and lost work time. It may not be easy to identify a single reason for IAQ complaints because of the number and variety of possible sources, causes, and varying individual sensitivities.

The following questions link to information relevant to indoor air quality in the workplace.
Standards What standards apply?
OSHA | National Consensus
Hazard Recognition How are IAQ hazards recognized?
Evaluation and Control How is IAQ evaluated and controlled?
Evaluation | Control
Additional Information What additional information is available?
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