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Effective Utilization of Faith-Based and Community-Based Organizations

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In every community, including those facing high poverty rates and other serious challenges, there are grassroots faith-based and community organizations (FBCOs) working to make a difference.  These organizations can be valuable partners for the local workforce investment system through providing complementary services that ensure that One-Stop customers facing barriers are successful in obtaining and retaining employment.  Throughout the country, local and state Workforce System leaders are taking steps and creating initiatives to engage faith-based and community organizations.

Two distinct activities are critical to utilizing fully the complementary strengths of FBCOs. First, local and state Workforce System leaders areas must ensure compliance with the Department's equal treatment regulations. Compliance includes taking the administrative steps necessary to create a "level playing field" for all organizations willing to join with the government in service, including faith-based groups and other non-traditional community partners. Learn more...

Second, local and state Workforce System leaders can actively cultivate FBCO partnerships to expand the reach of the workforce investment system and to improve outcomes for participants, including high-need individuals. Learn more...


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