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Business Partnerships

New Publication: Intermediaries and Faith Based and Community Organizations Working Together

This new publication discusses how intermediaries can help faith-based and community organizations (FBCOs) more effectively provide services to communities. Workforce intermediaries play an important role in connecting businesses to jobseekers and incumbent workers. Intermediaries are also able to help FBCOs develop deeper connections with area businesses. This report highlights the key characteristics and effective features of intermediary organizations, as well as strategies intermediaries use to connect FBCOs with businesses. The publication gives a broad overview on different types of intermediaries and how they can help, as well as specific examples of successful partnerships with FBCOs.

Business Value Assessment for Workforce Development Organizations

The Aspen Institute, Workforce Strategies Initiative has developed a handbook entitled Business Value Assessment for Workforce Development Organizations.

Making a Difference Through Strategic Business Partnerships

This booklet reveals and highlights effective strategies for ways in which non-profit organizations can form fruitful partnerships with businesses to provide jobs for their clients.

The cost-of-turnover worksheet is also a helpful tool for faith-based and community organizations as they help businesses understand how turnover can affect organization's bottom line. Nonprofit organizations can help meet the workforce needs of business as the process of recruiting, screening and placing applicants can often be expensive and tedious.

Literature Review: Business/Faith-Based and Community Organization (FBCO) Partnerships

An in-depth literature review analyzing data regarding issues and trends of business and FBCO partnerships. Looks at benefits of partnerships, challenges to businesses, and effective models of business/FBCO partnerships.

Action Steps for Businesses: A Guide to Developing Partnerships with Faith-Based and Community Organizations (FBCOs)

This detailed guide provides valuable information to businesses regarding FBCOs and valuable partnerships with FBCOs. Included is an outline of FBCOs and their characteristics, a step-by-step look at developing partnerships with FBCOs, and effective models of business/FBCO partnerships.

Helpful Web sites

  • — At this Web site, FBCO’s can learn more about some of the Department of Labor’s targeted emerging industries. Information available includes industry snapshots, occupational outlooks, types of jobs created in each business sector, workforce issues, and industry forums.
  • — At this site, FBCOs can access additional pertinent information on different high-growth sectors including a profile of many industries in the President's High-Growth Job Training Initiative as well as some of the industry investments that have been funded by the DOL Business Relations Group.


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