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OSHA Significant Guidance Documents Subject to EO 12866 and OMB’S Bulletin for Agency Good Guidance Practices

In accordance with Executive Order (EO) 12866 on Regulatory Planning and Review, as amended by EO 13422 (January 18, 2007), and the Bulletin for Agency Good Guidance Practices, adopted by the Office of Management and Budget, OSHA is maintaining this Web page to provide the public with a list of any documents that are determined to be "significant guidance documents" subject to the EO and Bulletin.

The OMB Bulletin for Agency Good Guidance Practices establishes policies and procedures for the development, issuance, and use of significant guidance documents by Executive Branch departments. Specifically, the Bulletin defines "significant guidance document;" establishes standard elements for significant guidance documents; describes practices for developing and using significant guidance documents by agencies; as well as requirements for agencies to enable the public to comment on significant guidance documents or request that they be created, reconsidered, modified or rescinded.

Significant Guidance documents currently in effect subject to EO12866 and OMB’s Bulletin for Agency Good Guidance Practices:

Guidance Document Name Identification Number Issuance and Revision Dates
A Brief Guide to Mold in the Workplace [SHIB 03-10-10 10/10/03
Avian Influenza Protecting Poultry Workers at Risk [PDF] SHIB 12-13-04 12/13/2004
Guidelines for Nursing Homes; Ergonomics for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders [PDF]
3182 03/13/2003
Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for an Influenza Pandemic [HTML] [PDF] 3327 02/06/07
Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response Guidance for Healthcare Workers and Healthcare Employers [PDF] 3328 05/21/07
Preventing Mold-Related Problems in the Indoor Workplace [PDF] 3304 04/2006
Preventing Workplace Violence for Health Care & Social Service Workers [PDF] 3148 01/2004
Protecting Employees from Avian Flu (Avian Influenza) Viruses [PDF] 3323 11/14/2006
Recommendations for Workplace Violence Prevention Programs in Late-Night Retail Establishments [PDF] 3153 1998
Safety and Health Guide for the Meatpacking Industry [PDF] 3108 1988
Safety and Health Program Management Guidance [HTML] 54 FR 3904 01/26/1989
Workplace Precautions Against West Nile Virus (Safety and Health Bulletin) [PDF] SHIB 08-29 08/29/03

Information on significant guidance documents published by other Department of Labor agencies is available on the Department of Labor guidance page.

If you have comments on significant guidance documents or would like to request that OSHA issue, reconsider, modify, or rescind significant guidance documents, please e-mail the comment/request to You may use the same e-mail address to file complaints that OSHA has not followed the Bulletin's procedures in developing its guidance documents or is treating guidance as a binding requirement. When submitting a comment or complaint, please identify the agency and the particular guidance document you are addressing.

Because comments are available for public inspection, the Department cautions commenters against including personal information such as social security numbers and birth dates.
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