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Technology and Innovation Task Group

Who We Are

The Technology and Innovation Task Group is one of five task groups under the Federal Web Managers Council, an interagency group of senior government web managers working to improve government websites.

Our Goal

Our goal is to analyze emerging technologies that can help our web manager community to create and manage web content in better ways.

What We Do

Proposed activities include:

  • Research and develop fact sheets and guidance on new technologies. Research may include topics such as search engines, content management systems, "web 2.0," and other technologies. Develop recommendations about whether and how these technologies would improve how we deliver content to our customers. Post guidance to Webcontent.gov and share with our web manager community
  • Explore how technology can improve how we manage Webcontent.gov and our other interagency activities
  • Create a “database of experts”a place where we can find experts and expertise to help us improve our sites
  • Develop and implement plans to use metadata, XML schemas, and web services across government to improve searches, help aggregate information, and help agencies manage their sites

Who Can Join

If you’re a federal, state, or local U.S. Government employee interested in helping with these activities, please join us! Please note that the task group is limited to government employees and does not include contractors or other non-government individuals.

How To Join or Learn More About the Group

Please contact:

Rezaur Rahman, Co–Chair of the Technology and Innovation Task Group.

Russell O'Neill, Co–Chair of the Technology and Innovation Task Group.


Page Updated or Reviewed: April 3, 2008

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