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Web Governance and Operations Task Group

Who We Are

The Web Governance and Operations Task Group is one of five task groups under the Federal Web Managers Council, an interagency group of senior government web managers working to improve government websites.

Our Goal

  • To help agencies establish sustainable web management offices that:
    • Perform appropriate functions
    • Are fully staffed and budgeted
    • Align agency web presence with agency mission

What We Do

The Web Governance and Operations Task Group meets regularly to discuss ways web managers can establish effective web governance to better manage their websites.

Current activities include:

  • Develop a list of appropriate functions for a web management office to perform (marketing, content management, compliance, metrics, etc.)
  • Provide guidance on staffing and grade levels for a sustainable web management office
  • Develop recommendations for the placement of the web management office within an agency’s organization, including pros and cons
  • Develop guidance about funding websites and budgeting allocated funds
  • Develop leadership strategies for the web management office to demonstrate strategic alignment of its web presence and mission and goals
  • Provide tools (training, mentoring) to help empower web managers within their agencies
  • Propose core skills for web content managers and develop a job description
  • Compile a complete list of agency web policies and encourage agencies to publish them on their external websites
  • Develop guidance and best practices for emergency planning
  • Identify best practices in policies and procedures for preserving content across changes in administrations
  • Improve the overall efficiency of government web operations by identifying opportunities to share products and services (i.e., develop requirements for similar products such as software, consulting, training, etc.)

Who Can Join

If you’re a federal, state, or local U.S. Government employee interested in helping with these activities, please join us! Please note that the task group is limited to government employees and does not include contractors or other non-government individuals.

How To Join or Learn More About the Group

Please contact:

Rand Ruggieri, Chair of the Web Governance and Operations Task Group.


Page Updated or Reviewed: November 20, 2007

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