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Honors Program 2006 Information

In response to a recent joint report, “An Investigation of Allegations of Politicized Hiring in the Department of Justice Honors Program and Summer Law Intern Program,” issued by the Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility and Office of the Inspector General, the Attorney General (AG) sent a letter to each 2006 Honors Program applicant who was recommended for an interview by one or more hiring components, but removed from the interview roster. The letters from the AG were mailed on September 10, 2008, with a response requested not later than September 26, 2008. If you received a letter, it listed the component(s) that selected you.  These components will interview you if you still have an active desire to be considered for an Honors Program entry level position. 

This web site is intended to facilitate that interview. 

To the left are “Quick Links” to the information that you need.  They also provide general background information, the relevant time line, a travel survey that you must fill out and return, and more details on the scheduling process itself.  Travel associated with all Honors Program interviews is scheduled to accommodate only the time necessary for the interview(s).  Once travel arrangements are finalized, no changes can be made without prior approval. 

If you did not receive a letter inviting you to interview, then you were not selected for an interview in 2006. Please understand that each year the Department receives hundreds of applications for each Honors Program vacancy.  Many highly qualified applicants are not (or were not) selected by components for interviews.  Further inquiries can be submitted by e-mail to ASKOARM.  All ASKOARM queries must include the requester’s name, the law school attended in 2006, and the e-mail and home address listed on the 2006 application.  Due to privacy concerns, information will not be released by telephone. 

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