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FY 2001 Summary Performance Plan

Prepared by the Justice Management Division
February 2000

Table of Contents
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Cover Page
Message from the Attorney General

  1. Introduction:
    Mission Statement
    Relationship to the Strategic Plan
    Linkage to the Budget
    Organization of the Plan
    Component Organizations

  2. Core Function I: Investigation and Prosecution of Criminal Offenses [HTML] [PDF]
    Strategic Goal 1.1: Reduce violent crime, including organized crime and drug and gang-related violence
    Strategic Goal 1.2:
    Reduce the availability and abuse of illegal drugs through traditional and innovative enforcement efforts
    Strategic Goal 1.3:
    Reduce espionage and terrorism (sponsored by foreign or domestic groups in the United States and abroad when directed at U.S. citizens or institutions.)
    Strategic Goal 1.4:
    Reduce white-collar crime, including public corruption and fraud
    Strategic Goal 1.5:
    Coordinate and integrate DOJ law enforcement activities wherever possible, and cooperate fully with other federal, state and local agencies that are critically linked to improved operation of the Nation's justice system

  3. Core Function II: Assistance to Tribal, State and Local Governments [HTML] [PDF]
    Strategic Goal 2.1: Improve the crime fighting and criminal/juvenile justice system capabilities of State and Local governments
    Strategic Goal 2.2:
    Strengthen and improve community policing services and, by the year 2000, increase the number of officers funded by 100,000 over 1992 levels
    Strategic Goal 2.3:
    Support innovative, community based strategies aimed at reducing crime, delinquency and violence in our communities
    Strategic Goal 2.4:
    Uphold the rights of, and improve services to, America's crime victims
    Strategic Goal 2.5:
    Reduce the incidence of violence against women

  4. Core Function III: Legal Representation, Enforcement of Federal Laws, and Defense of U.S. Interests [HTML] [PDF Format]
    Strategic Goal 3.1: Protect the Civil Rights of All Americans
    Strategic Goal 3.2:
    Safeguard America's environment and natural resources
    Strategic Goal 3.3:
    Promote competition in the U.S. economy through enforcement of, improvements to, and education about antitrust laws and principles
    Strategic Goal 3.4:
    Promote the fair, correct and uniform enforcement of the federal tax laws and the collection of tax debts
    Strategic Goal 3.5:
    Protect the public fisc

  5. Core Function IV: Immigration [HTML] [PDF Format]
    Strategic Goal 4.1: Enhance the integrity and integration of data and data systems operated by INS in order to establish fully-integrated data systems supporting the enforcement and service functions of the INS; enhance sharing of relevant data with other Federal agencies; and support INS management and decision-making processes
    Strategic Goal 4.2:
    Deliver services to the public in a timely, consistent fair and high quality manner
    Strategic Goal 4.3:
    Secure the land border, ports of entry and coasts of the United States against illegal migration through effective use of technology and personnel focused on enhancing the deterrence to entry and apprehending and removing those who attempt to enter illegal
    Strategic Goal 4.4:
    Facilitate travel and commerce across the borders to the United States
    Strategic Goal 4.5:
    Maximize deterrence to unlawful migration and enforce immigration laws in the interior through effective and coordinated use of resources to reduce the incentive of unauthorized employment and assistance; remove deportable/inadmissible aliens expeditiously; address interior smuggling and benefit and document fraud; and increase intergovernmental cooperation and the integration of activities among law enforcement entities at all levels of government
    Strategic Goal 4.6:
    Expedite the adjudication of immigration cases while ensuring due process and fair treatment for all parties
    Strategic Goal 4.7:
    Improve the development and implementation of immigration-related policies and practices by incorporating input from a broad range of internal and external contacts

  6. Core Function V: Detention and Incarceration [HTML] [PDF Format]
    Strategic Goal 5.1: Provide for the safe, secure and humane confinement of persons who are detained while awaiting trial or sentencing, a hearing on their immigration status, or deportation
    Strategic Goal 5.2:
    Ensure that sufficient prison capacity exists so that violent and other serious criminal offenders are imprisoned to the fullest extent of the law
    Strategic Goal 5.3:
    Maintain and operate the Federal prison system in a safe, secure, humane and efficient manner
    Strategic Goal 5.4:
    Provide productive work, education, medical and other programs to meet inmate needs and facilitate their successful reintegration into society, consistent with community expectations and standards

  7. Core Function VI: Protection of the Federal Judiciary and Improvement of the Justice System [HTML] [PDF Format]
    Strategic Goal 6.1: Protect the Federal Judiciary and ensure the safe and secure operation of the Federal court system
    Strategic Goal 6.2:
    Enhance the level of assistance provided to crime victims and witnesses in an effort to promote increased participation in the prosecution of criminals
    Strategic Goal 6.3:
    Protect the integrity of the bankruptcy system

  8. Core Function VII: Management [HTML] [PDF Format]
    Strategic Goal 7.1: Strengthen oversight and integrity programs, ensure consistent accountability
    Strategic Goal 7.2:
    Meet or exceed the expectations of our customers (not included in the plan)
    Strategic Goal 7.3:
    Achieve excellence in management practices
    Strategic Goal 7.4:
    Make effective use of information technology (IT)
    Strategic Goal 7.5:
    Strengthen human resource recruitment and retention efforts, providing for a workforce that is well-trained and diverse

  9. Glossary of Acronyms and abbreviated terms [HTML] [PDF Format]


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