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The OSHA LOTO Plus Expert Advisor - Public Test Version
October 1999

OSHA's LOTO Plus Expert Advisor - Public Test Version is interactive, expert, diagnostic software. It will help you understand and apply OSHA standards that protect workers from the release of Hazardous Energy.

It is NOT a substitute for the standards. This Expert Advisor is a DRAFT, not a final product. You may not rely on the answers provided by this prototype software.

This Advisor provides an introduction to the scope and logic of several regulations, and summary guidance to facilitate compliance. OSHA has tried to provide accurate information in this program, but you should not rely on the guidance provided by the program as being comprehensive. You should read the full text of the OSHA Standards (29 CFR 1910) which this Advisor determines to be applicable to your work. You should seek professional assistance, if needed.

The LOTO Plus Advisor will interview you about the work on or around equipment that can release mechanical and electrical energy and injure workers. Most questions will have follow-up questions. The LOTO Plus Advisor uses your answers to determine whether and how various standards apply to your work. Then, it prepares your report customized according to your request.

This Advisor is an introduction and guide to certain Standards. It is NOT comprehensive. It is NOT a substitute for safety and health professionals.

LOTO Plus - the Hazardous Energy Control Advisor:
  • Asks questions about workplace processes, operations, and procedures,
  • Analyzes your answers with expert decision-logic,
  • Determines whether and how your work is covered by several Standards, and summarizes what you have to do,
  • Identifies Consultation Offices for the user's state,
  • Provides definitions of keywords and phrases via a "keyword" button,
  • Provides related information, for example, regulatory text,
  • Customizes your report according to your answers and requests.
Notes on the LOTO Plus Advisor:
The LOTO Plus Advisor 1.0 software is distributed from the OSHA Web site as a single self-extracting file, Lotoplus.EXE. It might take 8 or 9 minutes to download with a 28,800 baud modem. We suggest that you copy this file into a TEMPORARY subdirectory named C:\TEMPLOTO\.

Download the LOTO Plus Advisor - PUBLIC TEST VERSION
  1. Download and save the software in C:\TEMPLOTO\
  2. Go to C:\TEMPLOTO\
  3. Select Lotoplus.exe and double click on it to automatically install the software in C:\OSHALOTO and create the icons on your Desktop.
  4. In Windows95, the software will be listed on your "Programs" list. Select OSHA LOTO Plus Advisor to start the program.
OSHA invites the public to download, use, and comment on this Advisor. OSHA has incorporated many good suggestions from trade association, labor union, and government staff who reviewed the early versions of other Expert Advisors.

The LOTO Plus Advisor was developed by Walt Siegfried, Tom Seymour, Thomas Mockler, and Edward Stern of OSHA, and Bruce Justh and Edith Nash of the Office of the Solicitor of Labor. OSHA appreciates the help of Steven Grover of the National Restaurant Association, Azita Mashayekhi of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Joe Durst of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, and Charles Austin of the Occupational Health Foundation.

System analysis, design, and programming services were provided by CONSAD Research Corporation under the direction of Alex Botkin, with assistance of Jason Cook and Stephen Fromm. It uses EXSYS Professional software from MultiLogic Inc.

If you have a suggestion on this software, please contact:

If you have safety or health problems in your workplace, please contact your local OSHA Area Office or OSHA Consultation Program Office.
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