Fiscal Year 2002 Performance Report &
Fiscal Year 2003 Revised Final Performance Plan,
Fiscal Year 2004 Performance Plan
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Adobe PDF document Download the entire report in PDF format (approximate size: 12.1M)
Adobe PDF document Message from the Attorney General
Adobe PDF document Introduction
    Departmental of Justice Structure and Organizations
    Managing our New Mission
      Leadership in a New Era
      Homeland Security Act of 2002
      Performance Based Management
    Departmental Mission, Values and Strategic Goals and Objectives
    Performance Report and Plan Purpose and Content
      Organization of the Document
      Measuring Departmental Impact
      Measure Refinement
      Data Reliability, Verification and Validation
      Continuous Improvement (PMA, Management Challenges, OMB's PART)
      Intellectual Property Report and Other Information
Adobe PDF document Strategic Goal 1: Protect America Against the Threat of Terrorism
  1.1 Prevention
  1.2 Investigation
  1.3 Prosecution
Adobe PDF document Strategic Goal 2: Enforce Federal Criminal Laws
  2.1 Violent Crime
  2.2 Drugs
  2.3 Espionage
  2.4 White Collar Crime
  2.5 Crimes Against Children and the Exploitable
Adobe PDF document Strategic Goal 3: Prevent and Reduce Crime and Violence by Assisting State, Tribal, Local and Community -Based Programs
  3.1 Law Enforcement
  3.2 Juvenile Justice
  3.3 Drug Abuse
  3.4 Victims of Crime
  3.5 Community Services
Adobe PDF document Strategic Goal 4: Protect the Rights and Interests of the American People by Legal Representation, Enforcement of Federal Laws and Defense of U.S. Interests
  4.1 Civil Rights
  4.2 Environment
  4.3 Antitrust
  4.4 Tax Laws
  4.5 Civil Laws
Adobe PDF document Strategic Goal 5: Fairly and Effectively Administer the Immigration and Naturalization Laws of the United States
  5.1 Enforcement
  5.2 Criminal Aliens
  5.3 Immigration Benefits Services
  5.4 Organization and Infrastructure
  5.5 Quality of Data
  5.6 Border Facilitation
  5.7 Adjudication
Adobe PDF document Strategic Goal 6: Protect American Society by Providing for the Safe, Secure, and Humane Confinement of Persons in Federal Custody
  6.1 Detention
  6.2 Prison Capacity
  6.3 Prison Operations
  6.4 Inmate Services
Adobe PDF document Strategic Goal 7: Protect the Federal Judiciary and Provide Critical Support to the Federal Justice System to Ensure it Operates Effectively
  7.1 Protecting the Judiciary
  7.2 Victim's Rights
  7.3 Defendants and Fugitives
  7.4 Bankruptcy
Adobe PDF document Strategic Goal 8: Ensure Professionalism, Excellence, Accountability, and Integrity In the Management and Conduct of the Department of Justice
  8.1 Integrity and Professionalism
  8.2 Financial Management
  8.3 Grant Management
  8.4 Information Technology
  8.5 Human Resources
Adobe PDF document President's Management Agenda
  PMA. President's Management Agenda
Adobe PDF document   A. FY 2003, FY 2004 Performance Plan: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
Adobe PDF document   B. Departmental Management Challenges and Weaknesses
    OIG Letter to the Attorney General Listing the Ten Management Challenges Facing the Department of Justice
    Responses to the Office of Inspector General's Top Ten Management Challenges
    Responses to FMFIA Material Weaknesses (not Covered by the OIG Top Ten Management Challenges)
Adobe PDF document   C. Intellectual Property Report
Adobe PDF document   D. Index of Justice Component Websites
Adobe PDF document   E. Glossary of Abbreviations and Acronyms

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