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Freedom of Information Act

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Chief FOIA Officers

Federal Departments

  • Department of Agriculture
    Boyd K. Rutherford
    Assistant Secretary for Administration
  • Department of Commerce
    Otto J. Wolff
    Assistant Secretary for Administration
  • Department of Defense
    Michael Rhodes
    Acting Director, Administration and Management
  • Department of Education
    Chris Marston
    Assistant Secretary for Management
    Office of Management
  • Department of Energy
    Ingrid A.C. Kolb
    Director of Management
  • Department of Health and Human Services
    Christina H. Pearson
    Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs
  • Department of Homeland Security
    Hugo Teufel III
    Chief Privacy Officer
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development
    Keith A. Nelson
    Assistant Secretary, Office of Administration
  • Department of the Interior
    Michael Howell
    Chief Information Officer
  • Department of Justice
    Kevin O'Connor
    Associate Attorney General
  • Department of Labor
    Carol De Deo
    Deputy Solicitor for National Operations
  • Department of State
    Rajkumar Chellaraj
    Assistant Secretary for Administration
  • Department of Transportation
    Rosalind A. Knapp
    Acting General Counsel
  • Department of the Treasury
    Peter B. McCarthy
    Assistant Secretary for Management and Chief Financial Officer
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
    Sally Wallace
    Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology

Federal Agencies

  • Agency for International Development
    Ambassador Mosina Jordan
    Counselor to the Administrator
  • American Battle Monuments Commission
    Michael G. Conley
    Director of Public Affairs
  • Amtrak (National Railroad Passenger Corporation)
    Medaris Oliveri
    Director of FOIA and Assistant Corporate Secretary
  • Broadcasting Board of Governors
    Carol M. Booker
    Legal Counsel
  • Central Intelligence Agency
    Adolfo Tarasiuk, Jr.
    Chief Information Officer
  • Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board
    Christopher W. Warner
    General Counsel
  • Commission on Civil Rights
    Emma Monroig
    FOIA Officer
  • Committee for Purchase from People who Are Blind or Severely Disabled
    Patrick Rowe
    Acting Executive Director
  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission
    Laura M. Richards
    Deputy General Counsel
    Office of General Counsel
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission
    Todd A. Stevenson
    Secretary to the Commission
  • Corporation for National Service
    Frank R. Trinity
    General Counsel
  • Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency
    Beverly S. Hill
    Chief of Staff
  • Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
    Brian Grosner
    General Manager
  • Environmental Protection Agency
    Molly O'Neill
    Chief FOIA Officer
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    Reed L. Russell
    Legal Counsel
  • Executive Office of the President
    • Council on Environmental Quality
      Mark A. McIntosh
      Deputy General Counsel
    • Office of Management and Budget
      Robert Shea
      Associate Director for Administration and Government Performance
    • Office of National Drug Control Policy
      Edward H. Jurith
      General Counsel
    • Office of Science and Technology Policy
      Stanley S. Sokul
      General Counsel
    • Office of the United States Trade Representative
      Carmen Suro-Bredie
      Assistant United States Trade Representative for Policy Coordination
  • Export-Import Bank
    Joe Sorbera
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Farm Credit Administration
    Kathleen V. Buffon
    Associate General Counsel
  • Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation
    Dorothy L. Nichols
    General Counsel
  • Federal Communications Commission
    Matthew Berry
    General Counsel
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
    Sara A. Kelsey
    General Counsel
  • Federal Election Commission
    Lawrence Calvert
    Acting Associate General Counsel for General Law and Advice
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
    Andrew J. Black
    Director, Office of External Affairs
  • Federal Housing Finance Board
    Janice A. Kaye
    FOIA Officer
  • Federal Labor Relations Authority
    William R. Tobey
    Acting Executive Director
  • Federal Maritime Commission
    Bryant L. VanBrakle
  • Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
    Michael J. Bartlett
    Deputy General Counsel
  • Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission
    James Callear
    Executive Director
  • Federal Open Market Committee
    Deborah J. Danker
    Deputy Secretary
  • Federal Reserve System
    Jennifer J. Johnson
    Secretary of the Board
  • Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
    James B. Petrick
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Federal Trade Commission
    Brian Huseman
    Associate General Counsel
  • General Services Administration
    John F. Phelps
    Chief of Staff
  • Institute of Museum and Library Services
    Nancy E. Weiss
    General Counsel
  • Inter-American Foundation
    Jocelyn Nieva
    Acting General Counsel
  • Legal Services Corporation
    Victor M. Fortuno
    Vice President for Legal Affairs, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary
  • Merit Systems Protection Board
    William D. Spencer
    Clerk of the Board
  • Millennium Challenge Corporation
    John C. Mantini
    Assistant General Counsel
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    David Mould
    Assistant Administrator
  • National Archives and Records Administration
    Gary M. Stern
    General Counsel
  • National Capital Planning Commission
    Lois Schiffer
    General Counsel
  • National Credit Union Administration
    Michael J. McKenna
    Deputy General Counsel
  • National Endowment for the Arts
    Eileen B. Mason
    Senior Deputy Chairman
  • National Endowment for the Humanities
    Carole M. Watson
    Acting Deputy Chairman
  • National Indian Gaming Commission
    Joseph Valandra
    Chief of Staff
  • National Labor Relations Board
    Barry J. Kearney
    Associate General Counsel
  • National Mediation Board
    Mary L. Johnson
    General Counsel
  • National Science Foundation
    D. Matthew Powell
    Assistant General Counsel
  • National Transportation Safety Board
    Robert Scherer
    Director, Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    Darren Ash
    Chief FOIA Officer and Chief Information Officer
  • Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission
    Nadine Mancini
    General Counsel
  • Office of the Director of National Intelligence
    Lawrence R. Baer
    Assistant Deputy Director for Administration
  • Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight
    Mark Laponsky
    Executive Director
  • Office of Government Ethics
    Walter M. Shaub, Jr.
    Deputy General Counsel
  • Office of Personnel Management
    Janet L. Barnes
    Chief Information Officer
  • Office of Special Counsel
    Erin M. McDonnell
    Associate Special Counsel for Legal Counsel and Policy
  • Overseas Private Investment Corporation
    Mark Garfinkel
    Vice President and General Counsel
  • Peace Corps
    Wil Bryant
    Associate Director for Management
  • Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
    Philip R. Hertz
    Deputy General Counsel
  • Postal Rate Commission
    Steven W. Williams
    Secretary and Chief Administrative Officer
  • Railroad Retirement Board
    Steven A. Bartholow
    General Counsel
  • Securities and Exchange Commission
    Kristin Kaepplein
    Executive Director
  • Selective Service System
    Richard S. Flahavan
    Associate Director for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs
  • Small Business Administration
    Delorice Price Ford
    Assistant Administrator for Hearings and Appeals
  • Social Security Administration
    David Black
    Acting General Counsel
  • Surface Transportation Board
    Craig Keats
    Deputy General Counsel
  • Tennessee Valley Authority
    Emily J. Reynolds
    Senior Vice President, Communications, Government & Valley Relations
  • United States Copyright Office
    Tanya M. Sandros
    Acting General Counsel
  • United States International Boundary and Water Commission
    Susan Daniel
    Chief FOIA Officer
  • United States International Trade Commission
    Marilyn R. Abbott
    Secretary to the Commission
  • United States Postal Service
    Delores Killette
    Vice President, Consumer Advocate
  • United States Trade and Development Agency
    Leocadia Zak
    Deputy Director

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