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General Information
For information about suitability and security determinations, drug testing, citizenship requirements or veterans' preference eligibility, visit:
Conditions of Employment for Attorneys
Conditions of Employment for Legal Interns

Contact OARM

Main number: (202) 514-3397

TDD: 202-616-2113

24-Hour Recorded Information: 202-514-3396


About OARM

Legal Recruitment and Operations

The Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management is divided into the Recruitment and Operations sections. The Operations staff handles suitability determinations, attorney personnel and FBI whistleblower matters. The Recruitment staff handles actions relating to recruitment programs, diversity, and attorney student loan repayment incentives.

Legal Recruitment

Contact the Recruitment staff for questions about:

  • Experienced attorney (lateral) hiring

  • Entry-level attorney hiring: The Attorney General's Honors Program

  • The Summer Law Intern Program (compensated summer law internships)

  • Volunteer Intern Recruitment (uncompensated internships during the summer and academic year)

  • Work-Study or Part-Time Internships

  • Attorney Student Loan Repayment Program

  • Diversity and Outreach


For questions about:

  • Attorney Personnel Matters - contact the Human Resources staff of your employing component or the component with which you are seeking employment.

  • FBI Whistleblower Matters - Please consult the information posted on this website. The FAQs respond to all commonly asked questions.

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