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Freedom of Information Act

Annual FOIA Reports

Annual FOIA Reports Submitted by Federal Departments and Agencies

This site has been created in accordance with the Electronic FOIA Amendments of 1996, which specifies that the Attorney General should make annual FOIA reports from all federal departments and agencies available at "a single electronic access point," beginning with reports for fiscal year 1998.

DOJ Annual FOIA Reports
(These are the statistical reports of the Justice Department's FOIA activities. For the post-1997 calendar-year reports on the Justice Department's FOIA litigation and compliance activities, scroll down.)

2008 Guidelines for Agency Preparation of Annual FOIA Reports

Annual FOIA Litigation and Compliance Report

The FOIA, as amended, requires the Attorney General to submit a separate calendar-year report to Congress regarding litigation under the statute, as well as Justice Department efforts to "encourage agency compliance" with the FOIA.

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