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Press Releases: Lines of Business

May 23, 2007

GSA Moves on Line of Business Implementation

Washington, D.C. - President Bush’s budget supports moving forward with implementation of the IT Infrastructure Optimization Initiatives Line of Business (IOI LoB), the U. S. General Services Administration (GSA) announced today.

GSA will serve as the managing partner of the effort to establish a government-wide process for performance measurement of the following three technology areas: Desktop/Seat Management and Support, Data Centers and Data Networks/Telecommunications. The measurement process will support agency efforts to show improved cost efficiency and service levels. In addition, the IOI LoB will promote knowledge sharing, best practices and leveraging aggregated buys to help agencies meet their targets.

In the near future GSA will solicit proposals for metrics, data collection and data analysis for this government-wide performance measurement process.

This performance measurement process will provide for comparing performance across the federal government and to industry peers. Departments/Agencies will be responsible for determining how to improve their performance and meet established goals. While there are many excellent infrastructure efforts already in progress, this initiative will establish a common measurement standard, and over time, improvements will result in more uniform performance levels across the government.

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