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The Enterprise Human Resource Integration (EHRI) initiative is developing policies and tools to streamline and automate the electronic exchange of standardized HR data needed for creation of an official employee record across the Executive Branch. The EHRI tool set and central data repository provides comprehensive knowledge management workforce analysis, forecasting, and reporting across the Executive Branch for the strategic management of human capital.

There are currently 1.8 million Federal employees.

Metric Name Measure Measure Period FY08 Target Description/Context
% of Scorecard agencies using Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF) 65% As of 3/24/08 58% Percentage of the 26 Scorecard Agencies using eOPF.
% of Official Personnel Folders in electronic data warehouse 40% As of 3/24/08 900,000 total Percentage of converted hard copy official personnel folders governmentwide.
Customer satisfaction with Workforce Analysis Support Systems and Civilian Forecasting tools 43% As of 12/07 Not Available Agency satisfaction with reporting tool set.
Customer satisfaction with eOPF 81% As of 12/07 Not Available Quarterly online survey administered to HR Specialists using eOPF on overall satisfaction with eOPF. Measure reflects % of respondents that are satisfied or extremely satisfied with eOPF.
Cost avoidance $40,490,641 FY07 $39,807,000 $44.23 estimated annual one time cost avoidance on a per folder basis includes agency & incremental National Archives and Records Administration storage cost, agencies cost to retrieve OPF forms, OPF forms filing cost, OPF forms printing cost, OPF copying cost, mailing cost between the agencies, mailing and courier cost within an agency, and replacing & rebuilding lost or misplaced OPFs.

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