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Presidential Initiatives

Recruitment One-Stop

Program Managers

Willie Harrison

Managing Partner

Office of Personnel Management (OPM)


Recruitment One-Stop provides state-of-the-art online recruitment services to Federal job seekers that include online job posting, intuitive job searching, resume warehousing, online application submission, automated eligibility and status feedback, applicant data mining and integration with sophisticated automated assessment tools.

Progress to Date

  • The USAJOBS Federal Employment Information System is up and running with state-of-the-art technology
  • The site averages approximately 250,000 visits per day

The USAJOBS platform includes:

  1. easy to use and up-to-date user interfaces
  2. a powerful and efficient search engine
  3. career management tools for job seekers and resume mining for recruiters

Recent upgrades have included:

  1. agency-branded job announcements
  2. refined search options
  3. prominent exposure of agency-specific featured job and employer postings
  4. search by grade
  5. enhanced spell check functionality

Since the launch of the enhanced platform in August, 2003:

  1. USAJOBS has hosted over 167 million visits
  2. Job seekers have created almost 1.7 million new online resumes
  3. Users have established over 842,000 active accounts
  4. The web site has achieved an American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) of 77 which:
    1. exceeds the overall E-Government sector (72.6) and Government sector (72.1) scores
    2. exceeds the scores of many leading customer-focused organizations

Next Steps

  • Continuous enhancement of the website tools for jobseekers and federal employers
  • Expand agency implementation of integrated job application and status tracking
  • Complete the migration of agency job search engines and resume builders

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Recruitment One-Stop Metrics

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Each year, thousands of Americans seek information about employment opportunities with the Federal government. Since it was revamped in August of 2003, has serviced over 167 million visitors. USAJOBS has made finding a job in the federal government easier, has helped managers become more effective in finding qualified applicants for vacant positions, and has made the government more efficient at managing the federal workforce.  These improvements save taxpayers money.

Implementation of Recruitment One-Stop/USAJOBS has delivered:

  • A Branded Site: A Federal government branded web site that delivers a fast and responsive experience.
  • Improved Job Searching: More intuitive and flexible job searching that allows job seekers to identify jobs that best match their interests and skills.
  • A Single Point of Entry: Enables job seekers to easily and quickly respond to many job openings at any number of agencies.
  • Clean, Understandable Job Announcements: Newly formatted job announcements are attractively displayed, easy to read, concise and communicate to applicants the benefits and rewards offered by a career in public service.
  • Electronic Resume Submittal: Provides an intelligent and efficient process to build and store resumes in a centralized database and apply electronically, at any time, for job openings listed on the site.
  • Application Status Check: Applicants get early feedback regarding basic eligibility screening on items such as citizenship or age, and will be able to check the status of their applications on-line.
  • Timely Feedback: Actionable information up front regarding basic eligibility screening on factors such as citizenship or age.
  • Seamless Integration: Direct interaction with agency automated assessment systems.
  • Resume Data Mining: Agency hiring managers are able to quickly search resumes contained in the database and more effectively identify the most qualified candidates.

Through these enhanced services, Recruitment One-Stop is positioning the Federal government as the first stop for job seekers.