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Presidential Initiatives

Budget Formulation and Execution

Portfolio Manager

Jeff Koch

Managing Partner

Department of Education (ED)

Program Manager

Sandi McCabe


Modern, interoperable, flexible, cost effective, and optimized solutions supporting all phases of the formulation and execution of the Federal Budget and linking budget formulation, execution, planning, performance, and financial information.

Initiative Goals

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of agency & central processes for formulating and executing the Federal Budget
  • Improve the integration and standardized exchange of budget formulation, execution, planning, performance measurement, and financial management information and activities across government
  • Improve capabilities for analyzing budget, execution, planning, performance, and financial information in support of decision making
  • Enhance capabilities for aligning programs and their outputs and outcomes with budget levels and actual costs to institutionalize budget and performance integration
  • Enhance the effectiveness of the Federal budgeting workforce

Exhibit 300

Managing Partner Agency Exhibit 300

The focus of the Budget Formulation and Execution Line of Business (BFE LoB) is to build a “budget of the future” by promoting information sharing across government agency budget offices and building a “community of practice.” With this collaboration, the budget community can start to identify best practices for all aspects of budget formulation and execution. The BFE LoB strives to find solutions that link budget formulation, execution, planning, performance, and financial information. Areas of particular interest include technology, budget performance integration, data collection and tracking, financial management integration, and human capital.

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