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An agency submitting investments to OMB for budgetary approval must indicate in Exhibit 300s that the investments help meet agency goals and further its mission. Enterprise Architecture is a representation of these goals, and consequently, any investment must be consistent with the target EA and the EA Transition Strategy. This consistency is shown by mapping investments to the FEA reference models. Guidelines for this process are included in the following documents:

  • Segment Architecture Codes Memorandum

    A memorandum providing guidance on creating, assigning, validating, and using segment architecture codes for reported on the Exhibit 53 for the BY 2010 Budget submission.
    Download Now (PDF, 46kb)

  • Agency Segment Architecture Code Worksheet

    A worksheet for agencies to complete and send to OMB to register their segment architectures. The worksheet contains the segment architecture code, name, brief description, type and status for each of the identified agency segment architectures.
    Download Now (XLS, 32kb)

  • FY10 FEA Reference Model Mapping Quick Guide

    Quick Guide reference document for mapping investments to the FEA for the FY10 Budget.
    Download Now (PDF, 322kb)

  • OMB Circular A-11, Section 300

    This document provides budget justification and reporting requirements for major IT investments.
    Download Now (PDF, 507kb)

  • OMB Circular A-11, Section 53

    This document provides reporting requirements for an agency’s IT Investment Portfolio.
    Download Now (PDF, 297kb)

  • OMB Circular A-11, Appendix J

    This document provides principles of budgeting for capital asset acquisitions.
    Download Now (PDF, 73kb)

  • OMB Circular A-11, Appendix K

    This document identifies selected OMB guidance and other references regarding capital assets.
    Download Now (PDF, 48kb)