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Program Manager

Martha Mitchell

Managing Partner

Office of Personnel Management (OPM)


The vision of this government-wide initiative is the creation of a premier e-Training environment that supports the development of the Federal workforce and advances the accomplishment of agency missions through simplified and one-stop access to e-Training products and services.  E-Training is working to enhance the ability of the Federal government to attract, retain, manage, and continuously educate the highly skilled professionals needed for a flexible and high-performing government workforce. 

In addition, the e-Training Initiative benefits the government and the Federal workforce by:

  • Reducing redundancies and achieving economies of scale in the purchase and/or development of e-learning content and in purchase of learning technology infrastructure (e.g., Learning Management Systems (L M S), Learning Content Management Systems (L C M S) and/or other Information Technology (I T) hardware/software), consolidation, and/or sharing of hardware/software wherever possible;
  • Offering user-friendly, one-stop access to a robust and high-quality e-Training environment; and
  • Encouraging e-Learning investments as part of a strategic, systematic, and continuous development of Federal government human capital.

Progress to Date

  • Launched Module 1 (7/23/2002) which completed an initial rollout of the site including a variety of free, high-interest, and mandated courses.
  • Launched Module 2 (1/31/2003) which included additional free courses and approximately 2,500 fee-for-service courses that contain such user and managerial tools as virtual classrooms and evaluation tools, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), and 65 IT security courses.
  • Launched Module 3 (9/17/2003), which established the Competency Management Center based on the Chief Information Officer Council's IT Workforce Development Roadmap for assessing employee competency gaps and identifying relevant training opportunities. In addition, Module 3 enhanced the user registration process and added e-Mentoring to
  • Launched Module 4 (9/30/2004) with additional competency and skill assessment tools for HR, Acquisition, and Financial Management, as well as additional learning services organized around an initial Communities of Practice tool set.
  • Enhanced the site (10/1/04) with an improved user interface and easier site navigation to strengthen the learning experience for new and experienced e-learners.
  • Completed 314,952 courses since program inception through Fiscal Year 2004. This number is inclusive of courses completed on and any customized courses developed through the E-Training Initiative.
  • Registered 441,537 users since program inception through Fiscal Year 2004. This number is inclusive users of and any registered users of learning management systems developed through the E-Training Initiative.
  • Engaged 71 participating agencies accounting for approximately $57 million in Fiscal Year 2004 cost savings/avoidance.
  • Established an e-Training Service Provider Consortium (eTSPC) to provide additional e-Learning solutions under the auspices of the Initiative.

Next Steps

  • Continue to oversee and support the migration of agencies to an eTSPC solution.
  • Finalize the formal governance structure for the e-Training Advisory Council (ETAC), the Enterprise Architecture Working Group (EAWG), and Voice of the Customer (VOC). The E-Training Initiative will rely on these groups to develop standards and processes, and assist the Program Office with monitoring adoption by the Federal government of common, core e-Learning solutions.
  • Move forward with the evolution of the government-wide site ( from a Learning Management System to a portal connecting Federal e-Learning resources under a coordinated, government-wide framework

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