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The Government to Citizen Initiatives provide one-stop, on-line access to information and services to citizens. Each of them has delivered significant results in the past two years and is committed to providing greater benefits in the forthcoming.

USA Services presents citizens with a single “front door” to government, allowing them to receive accurate, timely, and consistent answers and information. Through, the National Contact Center (1-800-FED-INFO), and the Pueblo, Colorado, publication distribution facility, USA Services had 209 million citizen contacts in FY 2003.

Launched in 2002, has referred more then 2 million visitors to benefit programs for which they may be eligible. Recently, a loan benefit tool was added to the site, providing enhanced loan services to Americans. will release a new centralized national recreation reservations system in spring 2005. Additionally more then 3 million Americans filed their taxes on-line for free in spring 2004, an increase of over 20 percent from the year before. These Initiatives will continue to deliver value to citizens in the forthcoming year.