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User Guide - Viewing/Printing Instructions
Viewing Instructions
  • The OSHA website is best viewed at a screen resolution of 800 x 600 or higher. At a lower resolution you will not be able to view the full width of the page without using the scroll bar. This resolution can be set in Windows XP using the following procedure:
    • Click on the Start Button and select Control Panel.
    • Open Display by double clicking on the icon.
    • Click on the Settings tab near the top of the window. 
    • Move the slider in the Desktop Area to 800 x 600. If your monitor or display adapter does not support this resolution, this option should not be available.
    • Read and follow any additional instructions you receive.
  • Additional Note: If you use Netscape, you must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to view some items.
    • From the main toolbar, click Edit, then Preferences.
    • Click on Advanced.
    • Check Enable JavaScript.
  • Retrieving and Downloading Information: It is highly recommended that when accessing NON-HTML file links, such as DOC, PDF, PPT, WPD, ZIP, etc., that you "RIGHT Click" on the hyper links and save these files directly to your local disk. Attempting to view these files through your browser with a plug-in viewer (particularly large files > .5 MB), can result in technical difficulties and the need for unnecessary/multiple downloads.

Printing Instructions
  • To print full screen pages of the OSHA website, left and right margins need to be set at a maximum of 0.25". 
    • On the browser, click File, then Page Setup.
    • Change the settings for left and right margins to 0" (your browser may reset these values to a higher number, which is the minimum setting it will allow; this is acceptable).
    • Select OK.
    • Exit Page Setup and print from the browser print icon or from the File menu.
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