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Justice Management Division

Justice Management Division
Serving Justice - Securing Results

Assistant Attorney General for Administration
Lee J. Lofthus

Under the leadership of the Assistant Attorney General for Administration, the Justice Management Division (JMD) serves as the management arm of the Department of Justice, advising the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General of various issues related to the operation of the Department. The Assistant Attorney General for Administration serves as the Department's Chief Financial Officer, and his four deputies serve as the Department's Controller, Chief Human Capital Officer, Chief Information Officer, and Senior Procurement Executive.

Deputy Assistant Attorney General / Controller
The Office of the Controller manages the Department's appropriations, budget, finance, and procurement functions through the activities of the Budget Staff, Finance Staff, Asset Forfeiture Management Staff, Debt Collection Management Staff, and the Procurement Services Staff. The Budget Staff prepares the Department's budget of over $20 billion, and monitors financial and program performance. The Finance Staff develops the Department's financial and accounting standards and policies, manages vendor, travel, and payroll operations, and issues the annual financial statements. The Asset Forfeiture Management Staff oversees the financial activities of the Department's asset forfeiture program, establishing policies, providing asset management support contracts, and operating the consolidated asset tracking system. The Debt Collection Management Staff establishes policies related to federal debt collection efforts, operates the Department's central intake facility for civil debt collections, and performs debt accounting operations. The Procurement Services Staff provides acquisition and contract support for the Offices, Boards, and Divisions of the Department. The Office of the Controller also directs the Unified Financial Management System project designed to provide a common financial system across the Department.

Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Human Resources and Administration (DAAG/HRA)
The Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Human Resources and Administration (DAAG/HRA) is responsible for Departmental human resources, facilities, security and emergency planning, equal employment opportunity, library services, executive secretariat and administrative support functions. The DAAG/HRA serves as the Department's Chief Human Capital Officer and in that capacity is responsible for ensuring that the Department has a strategic approach for attracting, maintaining, and developing the human capital needed to carry out the mission of the Department of Justice. Under the DAAG/HRA's leadership, HRA staff develop Departmental policy for human resources, security, EEO, property management, as well as provide administrative services such as building management, parking, mail, multimedia and publications, and emergency planning. The Library Staff supports the reference and research needs of Departmental employees. The Executive Secretariat controls all written communications addressed to and emanating from the Offices of the Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General, Associate Attorney General, congressional mail sent to the Department, and JMD correspondence. Consolidated Executive Office (CEO) provides administrative support to the Department's leadership offices, senior management offices, and selected JMD staffs.

Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Information Resource Management / Chief Information Officer (DAAG IRM/CIO)
The Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Information Resource Management / Chief Information Officer (DAAG IRM/CIO) provides leadership relating to the management of the Department's information technology resources by formulating department-wide Information Technology (IT) policies and strategic plans. The CIO provides guidance and review oversight, and makes recommendations concerning the IT budget requests of the Department's component agencies. The Department possesses a robust IT and telecommunications infrastructure that enables information sharing among the Department's component agencies and with its mission partners, and is ultimately the responsibility of the CIO. Further responsibilities include the delivery of information to U.S. citizens through the Internet and oversight of the security of the Department's information systems.

Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Policy, Management and Planning (DAAG/PMP)
The Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Policy, Management and Planning (DAAG/PMP), who also serves as the Department's Senior Procurement Executive, supports the policy and management initiatives of the Department's leadership, ensuring that high-priority programs, such as those contained in the President's Management Agenda, are properly addressed. This responsibility includes managing the formal process to establish or reorganize DOJ organizations, serving as the Department's liaison with the GAO and Inspector General, advocating the President's competitive sourcing initiative, overseeing the Department's ethics program, improving the utilization of small and disadvantaged businesses, and articulating and implementing an effective Department Records Management Program. The DAAG/PMP's staff provides legal representation in procurement protests and EEO litigation, legal advice to Department and JMD leadership on a wide range of administrative matters including grants management to the Office of Violence Against Women (OVW). The DAAG/PMP's staff also reviews the Department's business practices to improve internal controls and create efficiencies.

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