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Sample Questions

From The Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART)

  • Does the program address a specific and existing problem, interest or need?
  • Is the program designed so that it is not redundant or duplicative of any other federal, state, local or private effort?
  • Does the program have a limited number of specific long-term performance measures that focus on outcomes and meaningfully reflect the purpose of the program?
  • Does the program have ambitious targets and timeframes for its long-term measures?
  • Does the program (including program partners) achieve its annual performance goals?
  • Are independent evaluations of sufficient scope and quality conducted on a regular basis or as needed to support program improvements and evaluate effectiveness and relevance to the problem, interest, or need?
  • Are budget requests explicitly tied to accomplishment of the annual and long-term performance goals, and are the resource needs presented in a complete and transparent manner in the program's budget?
  • Does the program use strong financial management practices?
  • Has the program demonstrated adequate progress in achieving its long-term performance goals?
  • Does the program demonstrate improved efficiencies or cost effectiveness in achieving program goals each year?

Want to learn more about the PART? View our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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